We recently received a shipment of Greenhouse cookbooks at ODB! When the box arrived it felt a little like Christmas morning. Even though we have loads of beautiful cookbooks to peruse at our 14 Street Market, this arrival felt special. For starters, the weather is finally warming up in Calgary and with the change in temperature comes a shift in what we're craving to eat.  As the days get longer and hotter our meals transition from roasted roots and heartier stews to lighter and brighter offerings like the recipes featured in this cookbook. We love flipping through cookbooks to get inspired as the seasons shift. On top of the timeliness of these books arriving, we're excited for another reason too. We've had a major small business crush on Greenhouse Juice for years (although they're not so small anymore). We've watched from afar as this small-but-mighty company grew from a small, quaint shop to a major cold-pressed juice and wellness brand. We've swooned over their social media posts and followed their blog for the scoop on the latest health and wellness trends. Last summer, when we visited friends in Toronto we made sure to pop into their Queen Street West location and were delighted with the technicoloured  glass bottles filled with fruit and vegetable juices and nut mylks. As you can imagine, we were excited to learn that the founders of Greenhouse Juice had a cookbook in the works. We were even more excited when we were asked to host the Calgary book signing for Greenhouse Cooks. And guess what, you're invited! Check out the invitation below for all the details about how to RSVP. We hope you'll join us for an evening of healthy snacks, cold-pressed juice from our local cold-pressed juice crush: Juice Because and a chance to meet Hana James - one of the authors of Greenhouse Cooks.