The Easter Bunny came early to ODB this year. One of our favourite local chocolatiers, Cochu Chocolate has stocked our shelves with an adorable and delectable selection of Easter treats. From pocket-sized eggs to hungry hippos, we have everything for your chocolate hunting needs. In other Easter news, we're running a pre-order Easter dinner again this year. Scroll down for all the delicious deets.


We just put the finishing touches on this year's pre-order Easter dinner. Order yours before April 17 at 4PM (or until we sell out). Menu can be order A la carte or in full.  Each menu item is designed for 4 people.  The full menu will feed 6-8.  Place your order by calling the store at 403-357-0422 or by emailing orders@ourdailybrett.com.



We've had a little sun and a little rain. The days are a little milder and lighter a little longer. These are our queues to start thinking about setting up the ODB garden centre for the year. Sometime this month (depending on mother nature), we'll be setting up a mini garden centre in front of the market with a selection of flowers and other treats for your garden (whether it's an expansive garden or a few pots on your balcony). We'll also be stocked up on Hop Compost. They turn the organic leftovers of ODB and other local restaurants into compost to nourish your garden. 


Isis Velkova-Andrus is the forager and farm hands behind Tender Living Farm, a half-acre off-the-grid farm located in Alberta's foothills. Isis  selects wild Albertan ingredients to create her line of bath soaks and herbal teas. We love them and we think you will too.



You may have noticed our new packaging at the market. "Good Honest Food" has been our mantra since we opened our doors in 2014 and the simple philosophy behind our house-made product line. We've updated the packaging our go-to snacks come in, but the recipes are still your favourite old faithfuls. Apart from being slick (if we do say so), our new packaging is recyclable, preserves freshness and is easy to pop in your tote bag for an on-the-go treat. Stay tuned for new product offerings in the season to come.



It'll be a while before we see tulips and BC berries but we're savouring the milder temperatures and longer days nonetheless. To help you transition into the fairer seasons, we'll be setting up our patio this morning. Throw on a sweater and enjoy your morning brew outdoors.


We just stocked our shelves with the New New Age product line and we're pretty excited about it. The New New Age provides high quality medicinal, culinary and tonic herbs in a variety of formats ranging from smoothie powders to skincare.




Whether you think Sunday is the first day of the week or the last day of the week, we think it’s a great day of the week for some casual imbibing. In that spirit, we’re kicking off a new Sunday series: Sunday Sips. One Sunday per month, we'll be showcasing one of our favourite beverage producers alongside an Our Daily Brett menu inspired by the producer. No tickets required. Just show up in time to scoop a limited seat around the table and join us for a few rounds or glasses of whatever is being poured and a rotating selection of snacks.

To kick things off, we'll be celebrating this St. Patrick's Day (March 17) from 2PM-5PM with our friends from Annex Ale Project. A selection of their award-winning beers, such as Forward Progress Pale Ale and Rorschach Milk Chocolate Stout, will be served alongside a hearty menu of Irish snacks designed to share with friends.  



Col Fondo v. Prosecco. The definition of terroir. The beauty of orange wine. These topics were all on the syllabus at Andrew Stewart's natural wine tasting last Thursday, February 28. To Andrew 'natural wine' means "Unmanipulated. Honest. Authentic." We learned that the makers behind these wines pay attention to all the factors that affect their grapes from local ladybug populations to the state of nearby lavender fields. There is a rich history and lineage that goes into every grape in Andrew's portfolio. Learn more about his finds at Vino Al Vino.

If you missed this one, not to worry as we will be hosting events regularly going forward.  Next up:

March 17, 2-5PM - St. Patricks Day with Annex Ales
March 28, 6-10PM - Juice Imports pop-up with Stirm Wine Co.

Tickets are not required for either event.  Stay tuned for more info.  In the meantime, mark your calendars!



Another weekend has just passed but we want to give you a head start on next Saturday's brunch plans. We're excited to introduce a new addition to our in-house baked goods roster. Every Saturday, our pastry chef Kazumi, will be baking a one-off treat to enjoy with your favourite cup of coffee. Kazumi's inspiration for sweets come from the scents of the season. Fully embracing the aromatics and tastes that nature can bring. Last Saturday, our Apple Caramel Crumble cake did not last too long once the smell of warm, baked apples filled the air. What will next week bring? We'll have to wait until Saturday to find out!



This Thursday evening at 7PM, we're hosting Andrew Stewart of Vino Al Vino for a natural wine tasting (with snacks by us!). Andrew will be presenting six different wines from six different countries each with their own unique style. They will range from from cloudy, to clean, funky to fun, and light to heavy. To peep the full list of wines that Andrew will pour and order tickets, click HERE.


lululemon odc - 170.jpg

We came, we played, we (almost) conquered. 

A few weeks back I was invited to play in the Lululemon Outdoor Classic at the Fairmont Lake Louise on the YYC Chiclets Team in the Fairview division. This was the 10th year the tournament has been going on, but the first year Lululemon has gotten involved. 12 teams played in 3 divisions ranging from first timers on the ice (like pro skate boarder Neen Williams) up to former NHLer Brendan Morrison.

The Chiclets had a slow start in game 1 but managed to rally and take the W. We powered through the next two games and managed to take the wins in those as well. It wasn’t until the 4th game when we hit a wall with our stamina and took our first L.

We had a fun Thursday night which included drinks, dinner and some dancing at the nearby Brewsters Barn. Some of us were running on fumes at this point and called it pretty early. Others shut the Aspen restaurant/bar down back at the hotel.

The next morning we got the call up to sub in another division and play a team called the Lumberhacks. It was a fun game that didn’t really count for anything (for us at least) and made for a good warm-up before the finals. This team was one of the best we played and most enjoyable to play against.

The finals rolled around and we were again facing the team that provided us with our first L, the McJesus team. It was a tough battle with some great goals for both sides. In the end, they took it 18-15. (there were no goalies, just little nets that stood 8” tall and about 3’ wide).

Other highlights included the outdoor caesar bar, the recovery room (I spent a lot of time there playing with all of the gadgets on hand), the custom branded hockey stick station (thanks to Little Lion man!), and the endless amounts of lulu swag.

The YYC Chiclets were the underdogs of the tournament.  We played our hearts and lungs out and had a ton of fun.  Coach Keightley Bertram from Lululemon kept us in check the whole game. 

Shout out to my team mates Pete Emes, Jordan Smuzko, Mike Grimes, Alex Allen and Ali Abdulghani.

Thanks to Lululemon for hosting us and taking such great care of everyone. You really nailed every detail.

Thanks also to the tournament photographers, Radical Gentlemen Creative. . The photos are incredible!




We're open from 9AM-6PM for Family Day Monday! Take your family out for some snow day activities then stop by for a warm beverage and snack or take home some goodies to make together at home. 



Valentines week conditions are looking very conducive to  bundling up and staying in with your sweetie. Lucky for you, we are making it extra easy to stay in and stay warm with our Tonkatsu Ramen Kits for two.  Some assembly is required so you can feel like you've whipped it up from scratch.  Don’t feel you have to give us the credit for it either!  If you are feeling extra romantic and want to scoop a gift for your sweetheart this week, we have a lovely selection of candles, bath salts, cochu choclates, esme florals, and more.

In other news, we've just announced our first wine tasting of 2019.  Click here for more information.



We did it. We made it through blue Monday, dry January, and our first post-holiday credit card bill. From here, it's smooth sailing. To celebrate, we're hosting Revel Cider and Juice Imports this Sunday, February 10 for a by-the-glass cider pop-up from 2PM-5PM. It's a casual, drop in and knock a cider back type of affair.



Between us, we're not big superbowl fans. We are, however, big party fans particularly when there's a super snack spread involved. In the spirit of super parties and super snack spreads,  we're running a superbowl special as our Friday evening dinner (the full menu is available when you click HERE and scroll to Friday). It'll be available all weekend until we sell out. If you're hosting under 8 people, grab a few packs (one pack is a nice snack spread for 4). If you're hosting more than 8 people, give us a ring in advance and we'll prepare a larger format offering (in case you don't have us on speed dial yet: 403.457.0422).


Image 2019-01-20 at 5.58 PM.jpg


Apparently the third Monday of January is "Blue Monday" - the most depressing day of the year. We're not sure about you but we're just not feeling blue. Maybe it's because of the milder temperatures, blue skies, or the super blood wolf moon that made an appearance last night (read more about that here). Plus, we're super stoked on our weekly cafe feature (this week we're running a mezze plate instead of a sandwich - order it all day all week from 11AM-8PM in the market or via Doordash) and grab-and-go dinner menu this week (see here).



Making good decisions is a lot easier when the weather is as nice as it's been. Anyone else get lots of time outdoors over the weekend? Speaking of good decisions, did you know that our grab-and-go dinners are now available on Door Dash? That means you don't have to leave the house to order in a nutritious, hearty meal from ODB. Want to know what we're making you for dinner this week? The full menu is available below.

HELLO, 2019


How's everyone settling into the new year? Anyone set any goals for 2019? Our only real resolution is to keep doing our favourite things this year - making good, honest food, getting to know our customers, drinking loads of anchored coffee, inviting our favourite wine makers and importers to host sip and learn sessions around our market table. How's that for a list of goals? In the event that some of your goals are dedicated to clean eating, you'll be happy to know we've got loads of nutritious options in our salad bar, on our grab-and-go dinner menu, and in our snack case. If you're going for more of a self-love vibe this year, you'll be happy to know we're going to keep pumping out our vegan chocolate chip cookies all year long. Speaking of which, we discovered on a recent cross-country ski excursion that the dough is just as decadent and enjoyable uncooked. Pro tip: roll the dough into a ball and enjoy like a power ball.  We are back to our regular programming with our weekly features. 



It's that time of year where we reflect on the previous year and look forward to the new one. 2018 was our fourth year of serving the Mount Royal and Bankview communities. We welcomed new people to our team, said farewell to others, launched Salon (our designated catering and events company), made countless batches of vegan chocolate chip cookies (you guys seem to enjoy them - we can't keep up!), got a fresh new delivery van (said goodbye to our old catering van, which was more emotional than you might think), and set some very exciting plans in motion for the future (which we will share with you as they materialize). We are open today (pop in to scoop some tinned fish, cheese, and other goodies to wash down with your new years refreshments) and closed on Monday (January 1) and Tuesday (January 2). We have some weekly features starting on January 3rd which you can check out HERE. See you in 2019! Chin Chin! Happy New Years!



Happy holidays, readers. We hope you have a wonderful, feast filled day and night. We're open today until 4PM to assist with your last minute holiday needs whether you're after a caffeine boost, stocking stuffers, or turkey gravy (we made extra!). Our holiday hours are as follows:

Monday, December 24 - Closed at 4PM
Tuesday, December 25 - Closed 
Wednesday, December 26 - Closed 
Thursday, December 27 - Sunday, December 30 - 9AM-6PM
Monday January, 1 and Tuesday, January 2 - Closed

Before we sign off and tuck into an early cocktail hour (we have a bottle of baileys and a cup of anchored coffee waiting for us), we want to extend our sincere thanks to all our customers, suppliers, and team members for making 2018 a wonderful year. Calgary has had a tumultuous few years to say the least and we truly appreciate the continued support of everyone in our community. Happy holidays to all of you. - ODB 



This month, we are committed to two things. The first is to eat as much cheese as possible.  We have an amazing selection of local imported cheeses to help us with this commitment. The second is to shop at small shops.  Last week we shared a list of new products available at ODB that we're super excited about (click here (if you missed it). This week we want to talk about some of the other small shops in Calgary that we'll be visiting this season (we're in good company in this city). While we won't begin to try to name all the shops with amazing offerings, here are a few of our favourites: 1) Field Study (to stock up on warm sweaters, essential oils, and other must-haves for the bohemian on your list); 2) Recess Shop (for stationary and other nick knacks for the creative on your list); 3) Guildhall home (for housewares and tapestries for the design conscious on your list); 4) Shelf Life Books (for the reader on your list); and 5) Vine Arts (for the natural wine lover on your list). We think visiting these shops offers a much more enjoyable experience than ordering from Amazon, don't you? Now step away from your computer (after you finish reading this newsletter, naturally).



We had our friends from Esme Floral dress up our market for the holidays and ever since they did we've been humming "it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas" and other holiday bangers. Between the garlands and the arrival of satsuma oranges, 'D' Dutchmen Dairy Eggnog, and Anto Yukon soaps, the market smells and feels like the holidays in the best way. Speaking of which, we have so many exciting new arrivals on our shelves that will make stocking stuffing, and all gift giving a pleasure this year. You can check them out HERE. Plus, we've just released our 4th Annual ODB Christmas Dinner menu HERE.  Have a great week!