It's that time of year where we reflect on the previous year and look forward to the new one. 2018 was our fourth year of serving the Mount Royal and Bankview communities. We welcomed new people to our team, said farewell to others, launched Salon (our designated catering and events company), made countless batches of vegan chocolate chip cookies (you guys seem to enjoy them - we can't keep up!), got a fresh new delivery van (said goodbye to our old catering van, which was more emotional than you might think), and set some very exciting plans in motion for the future (which we will share with you as they materialize). We are open today (pop in to scoop some tinned fish, cheese, and other goodies to wash down with your new years refreshments) and closed on Monday (January 1) and Tuesday (January 2). We have some weekly features starting on January 3rd which you can check out HERE. See you in 2019! Chin Chin! Happy New Years!