Remember a few weeks ago when we shared a snap of our slick new catering van and promised to share some details about the new logo (Salon) soon? Last Wednesday, we threw a little 'do to celebrate the launch of our newest offering - Salon Fine Catering & Events. A Salon is a gathering under the roof of an inspiring host as well as the name of our new full service catering company. Since we opened our doors four years ago, Our Daily Brett has organically evolved into a market, grab-and-go foods business, and catering company. We love the excitement of having all our babies under one roof but also want to make sure each of them have the opportunity to continue evolving and growing in their own right. By branching off our catering into its own brand, we'll be able to explore a more polished, sophisticated events offering.  Follow us on instagram @saloncatering. Got it? Great. Still digesting? Check out the cheat sheet below.