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We came, we played, we (almost) conquered. 

A few weeks back I was invited to play in the Lululemon Outdoor Classic at the Fairmont Lake Louise on the YYC Chiclets Team in the Fairview division. This was the 10th year the tournament has been going on, but the first year Lululemon has gotten involved. 12 teams played in 3 divisions ranging from first timers on the ice (like pro skate boarder Neen Williams) up to former NHLer Brendan Morrison.

The Chiclets had a slow start in game 1 but managed to rally and take the W. We powered through the next two games and managed to take the wins in those as well. It wasn’t until the 4th game when we hit a wall with our stamina and took our first L.

We had a fun Thursday night which included drinks, dinner and some dancing at the nearby Brewsters Barn. Some of us were running on fumes at this point and called it pretty early. Others shut the Aspen restaurant/bar down back at the hotel.

The next morning we got the call up to sub in another division and play a team called the Lumberhacks. It was a fun game that didn’t really count for anything (for us at least) and made for a good warm-up before the finals. This team was one of the best we played and most enjoyable to play against.

The finals rolled around and we were again facing the team that provided us with our first L, the McJesus team. It was a tough battle with some great goals for both sides. In the end, they took it 18-15. (there were no goalies, just little nets that stood 8” tall and about 3’ wide).

Other highlights included the outdoor caesar bar, the recovery room (I spent a lot of time there playing with all of the gadgets on hand), the custom branded hockey stick station (thanks to Little Lion man!), and the endless amounts of lulu swag.

The YYC Chiclets were the underdogs of the tournament.  We played our hearts and lungs out and had a ton of fun.  Coach Keightley Bertram from Lululemon kept us in check the whole game. 

Shout out to my team mates Pete Emes, Jordan Smuzko, Mike Grimes, Alex Allen and Ali Abdulghani.

Thanks to Lululemon for hosting us and taking such great care of everyone. You really nailed every detail.

Thanks also to the tournament photographers, Radical Gentlemen Creative. . The photos are incredible!